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Some Stanford country action

On Thursday 9th April we played a little game of longweekend-longweekend and left the office to head up to Stanford. The traffic was unimportant, we were mini-road-trippin, and it was going to be fun (although it would be awesome if someone would “accidentally” bash into all of the robots in Somerset West!)

We arrived in Stanford at about 19:30, and thanks to the new winter lighting system it was dark already, but that just added to the mysticism, it was almost like unwrapping a present, the light would let us see our surprise!

That evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner (thanks Maureen) of sushi, roast chicken and veggie mac (really awesome). And of course a glass or two of the vino. We opted for an early night and awoke to the wonderful smell (we really like it) of horse farm (get your mind out the gutter!).

After saying good morning to the ponies and getting Sofa Extraordinaire to take his seat we ventured into their paddock and explored the farm…

Shame on you Shamus

The intrepid explorers

After the walk we decided to have a little chilled moment, hanging out on the patio, enjoying a soft drink or two... Then the rest of the team arrived and sobriety soon gave way to a couple of bottles of wine. We had a great time, talking about very important things that are far to important to mention here... We had a braai (awesome) and washed the meal down with a couple more bottles of wine and a game of boule.

Our highlight for the day was a trip down the Stanford river. Just because we like to get maximum enjoyment from everything we do, we even made the most of the trip down to the boat. Some people say that this kind of thing is taking things too far, but I say boys will be boys...

Naughty boys just having fun!

Our guide (a highly qualified bird person aka birder) was fantastic. No sooner had we questioned her about the purple duck (lesser seen) than we would brake out into the Baywatch theme song. Needless to say we were having a great time!

Is that a purple duck?

The team consulting each other for the correct words to the Baywatch theme song!

That evening, after the boat trip we headed into Stanford for the night market! They had a taste sensation, which was apparently awesome. I didn't try it, I was tasting the wines... But its a really cool market that probably didn't know what had hit it when we arrived! After a mosey around we headed to the Stanford Pub (our glasses were running dry) for a quiet one...

Being the respectable adults that we are, there was no drama, nobody hurt themselves, nobody danced badly or anything like that. Also being respectable we decided to head home fairly early (some say it was around 21:00???) Where we once again had a braai (twice if you count rebraaing as a separate action.) I can only report on this second hand, being the responsible type I went to bed early!

The next morning we all woke up slightly worse for wear, understandably after being so awesome the night before! Sunday papers were shuffled while breakfast was assembled. And while we had managed to manouver the boys away from the rugby the previous day, it would not be happening again today.

However today was the day of reckoning for the pony lovers, we were to don our suits of armour, clutch our swords and bob around the arena. Using our phenomenal skills we managed to tame one of these:

A small horse.

Thanks Jen, Maureen and Peter for having us, we had a great time.



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