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Important lunch meeting

Lunch meetings can be important, where important stuff is said and discussed. We've just had one of those, but because we like to end off on a good note (not a reminder of the list of things we've got to do) this meeting is finishing off with a bit of a blog... and then a smoke! Enjoy your lunch meetings Lucky & Ameba

The birth of the Lucky Ameba

Hi All! This is soon to be the site of Lucky and Ameba. We'll be filling you in on all we do, posting pics and commenting on our lives and any other random things that come our way! In 4 weeks time we head off to the UK. The original thought behind this blog was to be able to comment on our holidays, but I'm getting too excited and can't wait, so I'm going to include the month long run up to our departure so when we get homesick we can have a little scroll back. So... I'm recovering from a braai at the Badgets house last night, where we drank ALL of the wine in Cape Town, and needless to say, had a great time! This morning was a different story but the eggs Benedict deffinately helped there - thanks :) Lucky