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Bowling without the bias

On Sunday we gathered around a couple of rather dusty bags, opened to reveal a treasure chest of bowling apparel. Donning hats and white items we set of to play the game previously only revered by the over 70's - although it's making quite a come-back these days!

Unfortunately we were unable to get our hands on one of those heavy rolling things, so had to make do with a slightly rough terrain. And being only beginners not all of us understood the rules...

"use my head" doesn't get you another turn

However, once this was sorted we could get back to the important stuff of chatting and drinking wine. (Thanks to Dave & Wazu Wines we were able to hook ourselves up with some delicious wines!) A quick glimpse of those attending...

Chloe & Sophie

Lucy & Tor

Mark, Carrie & Ameba

Natasha, Dave & Daniel

Some naughty boys / the usual suspects

The usual suspects (part 2)

The usual suspects (part 3)

The bowling frenzy had everyone excited, even the family! Thanks dad for braaing the food, mom for helping with the salads etc, Col for the porkies and Andy for letting Jacqui be such an awesome whizz in the baking department!

The family

As with any competition there will always a be winner(s). The best dressed category went to Sasha. Along with a lovely bottle of bubbles she wins a years consultancy prize for the outfit division of the Claremont Bowling club and a spread in Bowling Monthly.

Best dressed winner

Best foreign team

Due to miss-managed flight times, not all of the team were able to collect their prize at the award ceremony. Luckily were were able to get a photo of them earlier on in the day...

Mancurian team hanging out with a couple of locals - all practising the motion
Thanks everyone for comming, hope you had at least a little bit of fun!

PS. Thanks Grandpa for
playing the game in
the first place!


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