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Oh how times have changed!

This morning, while having a blood test, I was chatting to possibly the best phlebotomist about babies. I mentioned that I was considering getting an Elvie pump — the one that goes in your bra and you can be hands free and, wonderfully, not tethered to one space!  My next line was “it will mean that I can hang the laundry and pump at the same time!”  This may sound ridiculous, having this as a priority. But when you have so little time to yourself it becomes necessary to prioritise. And this can be hard - how do you chose between hanging the laundry or expressing milk?!? It’s currently my big dilemma! Then I met my sister at Garsons for lunch, thinking the cafe would be airconed - it isn’t, beware! We both had our babies plastered to us, while we produced a gleaming layer of sweat. I could go on, but I think you get the picture!  So, this afternoon, instead of being able to wallow in the sun and work on my tan, probably with a delicious glass of rosé, Bug and I are whiling the aftern
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Bug has moved to her big baby bed

It’s happened, it’s been a week, she’s now sleeping in her big baby bed, in her room. And it’s been an excellent decision! We’re all benefiting from better sleep. We don’t wake her up, she doesn’t wake us up (as much). And sleep is becoming that friend we see a lot more of! It’s coupled with a feeding routine, which I’m pretty strict about. Mean Mum only feeds every 3 hours. Gone are the boobies-on-tap!  And Bug is learning that when it’s nap or bed time, it’s sleepy-time. Which can be preceded by a bit of crying. But she’s getting more sleep and is, generally, a happier baby!  So, for us, this has been a positive move. Although I have to be honest, when we made the decision that this was going to happen I did cry a bit! My tiny baby was no longer tiny… time to consider the next?!? Lucky x

One good thing about social distancing…

Is that nobody comes too close and I can get away with only half brushing my teeth (no toothpaste, had Bug in my arms and wouldn’t have been able to rinse). And not wearing deodorant (again, the baby!) Also, still wearing some of my pyjamas, semi-disguised  as day clothes… But nobody can really tell cause they can’t get too close! Win! On top of that we had a very successful walk. The dog mostly listened and was easily distracted by treats. Bug slept the whole time and was seemingly nose-blind. And my back pocket doubled up as my coffee cup holder! Hands-free, here we come!  Oh, and because we were out walking for so long - two hours, until it was time for the next feed - the dog is exhausted! He hasn’t been this tired since his play date with best friend Amber! Lucky x

Meet the kids

This morning they both wanted my attention. Bug wouldn’t stop crying and needed to be cuddled. And Indy wanted to play, non-stop.  Eventually I got Bug onto her play-mat where she likes to play with the baby in the mirror and smash her hands erratically against the dangling cow and dog. The cow is flying a plane that makes a noise when it moves.  Indy finds this fascinating. But only for so long. Then he remembered that he saw one of his dog-friends who was on-heat on his walk this morning. And started to hump me. A lot.  This presented a challenging situation. Do I stop oggling at Bug playing with her baby friend and risk tears? And stop the dog before he really got into his stride?  Or, do I just pretend the dog isn’t there? And hope he gets bored really quickly?!? Ultimately it was a little from column A, a little from column B. Don’t ask! Lucky x

Week 8 check-ups

Yesterday we had our 8 week check-ups and both of us cried (luckily masks are absorbent!)  It’s utterly heart-wrenching when your tiny baby screams. For me, science has provided us with modern medicine that will potentially save her life. So, she will be having all of her jabs. And then all of the cuddles afterwards.  We spent the afternoon having skin to skin time. Then I spent the night keeping check on her temperature.  Today I was selected as the only one acceptable enough to do everything for her. All plans went out the window. Instead, we’ve had amazing snuggles on the sofa together. All day.  Any semblance of sleep training is out the window, we’ll tackle that tomorrow! I’ve changed into pj’s already and bath time this evening will be late as I’m loathe to wake her…  it’s just one of those days!  Lucky x

This is the face of a rested Mum

Wait, what? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Does that even exist?!? I was struck down by a bug on Sunday night and it totally knocked my socks off! It punched me in the face and gut. I’m not sure if it was food poisoning or something that’s been going around. But it’s mean and very nasty!  It meant some serious Dadding needed to happen. I’m talking all the night feeds (thank goodness for formula) nappy changes and cuddles… at 3am etc! And it wasn’t just Sunday night, but Monday night too… Which gave me the most sleep I’ve had since the little Bug was born. It’s also made me realise that I need more sleep! So, from now on, Dadding will be taking place on the weekends and this Mum will remember what it’s like not to have to get up in the night. To guilt-free know that my husbands got this one!  I don’t expect the dark rings to magically disappear, but give me a few weeks and I may consider a colour photo!  What do you do to catch up on that most valued of commodities, sleep?  Lucky

I’ve had a baby

Having been pregnant for nine months and trying beforehand, it didn’t come as a surprise. But what has come as more of a slap-in-the-face-shock, in the nicest way, is the sheer exhaustion of being a new mummy!  When parents say to preggos “get as much sleep as you can”, as a preggo my response was, “well I’m up eight times a night to wee, but that’s not because I’m choosing to do so. I’m trying to sleep but my baby has found my bladder and treats it like a new, fancy trampoline!” What they should have said was “you’re not going to get any sleep for the foreseeable. So value being able to sleep whenever you want to now. When your baby is born you’ll be on their schedule - if they wake every hour, so will you. If they take two hours to fall asleep, you’ll be awake for that, trying desperately to encourage that most valued of commodities: sleep.”  On the plus side you become almost narcoleptic, able to sleep anywhere, any time… if your baby allows! Before Baby a luxury might resemble a sp

We love you Chewy

Earlier this week we had to make the hardest decision anyone with a pet will ever have to make. You have to be totally selfless, even though you’re fully aware of the devastating consequences. I’m typing this with tears streaming down my checks and my nose running. Over the last few weeks Chewy had slowed down, he wasn’t his beansy self, but we knew this might happen and just took everything slower. On Tuesday we went for our walks, he ate all his food and got as many treats as he could. On Tuesday night, he climbed into our bed. His breathing was heavy, the lymph glands in neck had hugely swollen and he was struggling to breathe. He was disorientated and wouldn’t eat or drink. He kept wanting to go outside, but wasn’t able to stand. I slept next to him on the floor, in the other bedroom and came downstairs when wanted to. Eventually at about 5am we called the vet. She confirmed our worst fears. We booked an appointment for 7:45 that morning, we had a little time to say g

My darling dog has cancer

My darling dog has cancer About two-and-a-half weeks ago, on a Friday evening after the Husband had been away for work for the week, the three of us, He, Chewy and myself were sat on the sofa, having a catch-up. The Husband mentioned that Chewy’s glands (lymph nodes) were really big. A bit of back-story, he eats EVERYTHING! He has a keen eye for what we’ve termed a ‘poopsicle’ and happens to chance upon these seemingly tasty snacks rather regularly on his walks. He’s also partial to stale bread that some unwitting fellow has left out for the birds. Or the remainders of a teenagers discarded dinner. Let’s not mention the rotting snacks the fishermen leave behind during fishing season… I think you understand then, that we often have a dog with a bit of a dodgy tummy*. We’re no strangers to probiotics. So, obviously we squeezed probiotics onto his handcrafted meals, and kept and eye on what was going on. But coupled with the swollen glands, we called the Vet and they r

Dining room blues

We'd initially thought to give ourselves some time to live in the house before decorating, you know, to get to know the space and how it'll be used... two months in and the dining room is first up! It's pretty obvious, we're going to be eating in there! It was an easy decision (we both agreed with each other) the walls were going to be a dark blue, both have pretty much floor to ceiling windows next to them, so we weren't too worried about the space feeling dark.  Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue was our first choice... so we got a sample. And samples of Stifkey Blue , Drawing Room Blue and Pitch Blue , you never know what it's going to look like on the wall... although the colour samples are a pretty good indication.   With a sort of naughty-child feeling the sample patches were painted onto the wall. It felt quite rebellious just painting stripes onto the wall, clearly ruining the paint already there. But also quite exciting, taking the first of m