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It's where I'm at! Winchester's in Hampshire and really is beautiful (well, what I've seen) and not just pretty in the way that the average English countryside is pretty - it's more. I checked out what to do and found out the following: Things to do in the city centre: Winchester Cathedral The Great Hall and King Arthur's Round Table Winchester College City Museum The Westgate The City Mill Winchester Military Museums The Hospital of St Cross Wolvesey Castle River Park Leisure Centre Winchester Discovery Centre Did you see the second point? King Arthur's Round Table - how awesome! Of course, being the UK they included the local Leisure Centre. For anyone who watched the Brittas Empire like me, it's hard to take a Leisure Centre seriously. But back to Winchester , these pics are from my first day here: This is my favourite pic - how cool! Looking up the high street, Looking down the high street. This rad statue that I know nothing about (yet) is in the hi

The Breakfast Club

Last week Kate, Jo, Joe & I went to Hoxton in London. We'd told the Jo's that we wanted to go somewhere cool and trendy with a vibe. Having Soho in mind (and now admitting ignorance about Hoxton) were were a little nervous that we wouldn't be going somewhere cool. However, we were pleasantly surprised. A little walk away from Liverpool Street Station (far enough to keep your heels in your handbag, but close enough for comfort) we began to spot the odd bar or two. They looked cool, we walked past... The last place we stopped in at was The Breakfast Club in Hoxton Square. This is by far the coolest place to have breakfast. Not only is it decorated with funky kitch in mind, but it serves THE MOST FABULOUS COCKTAILS EVER (must try: apple mojito). AND has funky bathrooms, completely decorated in cartoon wall paper - think a whole bathroom of the Ghost Buster - running out of bog roll, who you gonna call? Unfortunately by the time we arrived breakfast wasn't on the menu,

Singing the ideal chocolate song

Even a crinkled packet tempts the onlooker with its shiny allure! Are your eyes also blurring with the temptation? Even an up-close inspection won't put the Minstrel lover off! Go on, enjoy yourself! Lucky

I'm On A Bus

Mother Trucker! Last Friday night Meebs, Jac, Sash & I were On A Bus. Not all the time. Sometimes were were at the bus stop. We had our highy-heels and our lippy-glossy and we were downing shoty's! Living the London party dream! If you haven't seen the You Tube clip I'm On A Boat then you might not know what we're talking about. I suggest you watch this amazing piece of music artistry - an inspiration for your summer holidays! *Vulgar language might be used in this clip - reader discretion advised. Now watch it again... Now hum it for the next 3 days... :) Lucky

Guess What?

... It's raining! And with the drums rolling in the background we're also getting a bit of a light show too! Meebs and I were going to go out tonight, but instead we're vegging on the sofa, playing on the computer, hoping we'll get the Sky signal back in time to watch the end of a very rivetting episode of Private Practice... Lucky

The perfect fridge

It might be small, but we think it's well stocked. And thanks to Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food we've been preparing some rather delicious meals. ... and will continue to do so! Lucky

Buck the Palace, go Green

Yesterday Meebs & I headed over to Buckingham Palace. Our timing was perfect and we got to watch some guards parade up and down, changing something? The sun was out, so we hung out on the statues opposite... admiring their shininess! Is that the sun? The big B.P. Meebs on the wall. We packed a picnic and headed back into Green Park for lunch, where we enjoyed sunning ourselves, catching up on the papers and working on our tans. It's a hard life, but someone has to do it! Lucky

Our recent distractions

I'm going to work from the most recent backwards. On Saturday night we were very kindly invited to Jono & Jess' 40th black tie do. To prepare we headed of to the shops in Hull. Limited by time we soon found ourselves heading to House of Fraser - a shoppers delight, especially when there's a sale on. Long and short of it, we got ourselves kitted out (Meebs in a gorgeous yellow and white boob-tube, long flowing dress with glittering heels and myself in a black boob-tube structured cocktail dress with spectacularly sexy red heels.) Just to prove how good we were at shopping we got a couple of other things to, but I won't bore you with that. The party was fantastic with the Virgin Slayers rocking us into the night. We were all giggles and delight... the next morning we all had extra naps cause we were 'very tired'. All dressed up with nowhere to go - practicing walking in heels aint always that easy girls! Last Thursday evening, after a lovely dinner, Meebs, Ka

Too extreeme?

Meebs got these in an email the other day... something for a Monday morning! Need I say anymore? Buns of ??? Wow, what big machete / axe you have! And for the pearler of the collection, an inspiration for all those not ever wanting to go to gym... Spray-on-muscles - not only giving you the buff bod you want, but a shiny (not always even) golden hue! Lucky

Down the river

A while ago Meebs, Robbie & I, when we were unemployed, took a trip down the Thames. It's one of those things you just have to do, so we did and it was pretty awesome (and not really that expensive. Also soon it should be incorporated as a mode of transport in London, so you should be able to use it with your Oyster card!) Here are a couple of pics, sorry if they're a bit grainy - also I'm starting from the end of the trip and working forward. Near The Dome, there is a tree statue in the river, made from metal The dome and again... slightly different angle some fancy houses - love to live there! The city from the river The London version of a beach front property with private beach options The Gherkin sneaks through the skyline. Hmm... wonder what bridge that is? Anything? Helping at all? Meebs practicing her boating face for Menorca That bridge again!!! Robbie sneaks into the picture. Also featured is a war ship of some sorts? Not very obvious, but in the dry dock is a