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MasterChef Live / The Wine Show

I went to the MasterChef Live / The Wine Show at Olympia on Friday and came across these awesome finds... Wine Tourism UK Did you even know there were wine farms in the UK? Well there are - a lot actually. This fab guide will get you there and give you loads of other useful info! Sipsmith London Dry Gin Fabulous gin, and it's made locally in Hammersmith! Royal Berkshire Pork Happy, free-range bacon and sausages. This is some of the most delicious bacon - and they make sausages! And the best part is that the pigs have had a great life: treat it with respect, eat it with respect! Curry Tree Making proper curries accessible and easy. Seriously good and seriously popular visit to see all the different products available. I spent about 15 minutes at least at this stand chatting away, tasting different curries, spices etc and apart from being delicious, they don't contain any junk! Pixley Berri

The Situation & The Solution

Today I dealt with The Situation. I bought The Solution. The Situation reared it's head the other day, scuttling from behind one sofa to the next. At one point it was on top of one of the sofas. I'm told that it also makes use of the kitchen and basement. Unlike Mrs Baxter (dog / speaker of Spanish / eater of whole wheels of cheese) I didn't think I'd be able to teach The Situation not to eat from my plate if, for example, I were to leave it on the floor. It had to go. Hence The Solution. I've been distracted from buying it by boots, dresses and other accessories over the past few days, but en-route to the gym this morning I spotted a hardware-store. And it's with a bit of regret that this afternoon (with the courage of G&T&elderflower-and-pomegranate-cordial x 2) I scooped out a minuscule amount of peanut butter and placed it strategically on The Solution. I'll say no more. Lucky

Health, safety & the riot act

I have to say I'm a little jealous of the students who went out to protest today. I never protested for anything while at varsity (uni) - apartheid was over and really it was mainly the grown-ups who ended up reading us the riot act. But today students descended on London to protest against potential fee increases. I have to admit that it was a little annoying - I had to divert my route (I'll leave out the slightly-lost-anyway part cause that would just ruin the story). Roads were closed, scruffy people with placards walked to and fro and the police were out in force. They swarmed to the scene wearing their high-vis-vests, visors at the ready. The students turned the music up and rolled another smoke. The action. I guess I was just happy to smile and walk on. However, let me know if there were ever to be a snip-someones-ponytail-off moment (another something I didn't take part in when younger.) Lucky

Tea at the Tate

This afternoon I went to look at the Gauguin exhibition at the Tate Modern . I got almost half-way through before Museum Fatigue took over (this genuinely exists!) But I wasn't worried, because earlier this very same day I'd become a member of the Tates - convenient. I can now return whenever my heart desires to peruse the paintings. I can also take my tea in the members lounge (when the restaurant on the floor above is too full or, maybe, too noisy?) This is an average picture of the view. It misses out most of the buildings, doesn't include the river and, if I'm honest, had to be severely cropped because I couldn't have been bothered to actually stand up and take the photo, so got to include the woman sitting at the table next to the window! But it does give you an idea - ish. St. Pauls features quite prominently in this image, as it should. Actually at night / 4ish when it gets dark, and all the lights come on, the view from up here is quite magical. My scone &a

Sunday paper pearlers

It's a rare occasion when something this cool is actually printed... but if The Mail On Sunday says it's true - who am I to deny it... Gaash! The liger - pretty much Napoleon's favourite animal. As well as being bred for it's skills in magic, the Liger also has excellent claws: 'size of a velociraptor's - about 2in long and 1in thick' Then, just to make sure everyone spent the rest of Sunday in a good mood, they came up with this: I'm particularly fond of the Likes: Corgis, Gin & Dubonnet, Crowns, Being on stamps. Lucky