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Pretty as a picture

I went to the Tate Modern the other day, to finish looking at the Gauguin exhibition. Afterwards, to refresh myself and recover from Museum Fatigue (honestly, it exists) I like a to sip my tea looking out at this slightly famous vista. Sadly the Gauguin exhibition is now closed. However there are still loads of fabulous things to see... Currently one of the exhibitions at the Tate Modern is The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei . On until 2 May 2011. Sunflower Seeds Individual, hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds. When this exhibition first opened the public were allowed to walk on, and interact with the piece. However Health And Safety piped up - illegibly porcelain dust can damage health. Across the river this exhibition should be worth an afternoon meander at the Tate Britain . Lucky

Hello evening

I don't think anyone minds a picturesque day drawing to a close when this is how it does it: Bright red sun, good bit of view and the odd stripe in the sky. Definitely worth going outside for! Need I say any more? Lucky

What to do with a blue sky and four degrees

It was such a lovely day - everybody seemed to be out flying their planes and leaving stripes in the sky, letting their dogs walk them, stretching their legs with an amiable companion or, if you're me, getting a little lost jogging along the village lanes. The sun determinedly gave us a lovely afternoon in Berkshire The hum and buzz of the engines, like a motorised swarm of bees, ebbs and flows as the planes fly up and down the sky. While the rustle of leaves will have you wondering whether the breeze has picked up again or if a stream is nearby. Planes leaving stripes in the sky. Choosing a path and deciding whether to follow it, or just admiring it and wondering where it leads to... The path less followed... leads to? On days like these I want to wear shorts and a t-shirt or a floaty summer dress. I want to forget my shoes and spend the afternoon staring at the sky, high above me, while I stretch out on a comfy blanket, ensuring that as much skin as possible is exposed to the sun

A moment...

The tranquil Thames... Lucky

Fresh air and fun

I love the mud (so long as you have the right shoes on) and the rickety fences that you have to clamber over, passing from one field to the next. I even love getting a little lost - an excuse to be outside for longer. I love discovering a river or stream - I'm drawn to water - listening to it trickle, meander or gush along. I want to follow it, stick my feet in and splash in it. To throw in sticks and leaves and watch them float along... To imagine floating in there myself, wondering if I could get away with pretending to fall in? To be surrounded by views of patchworks of fields, loosely fenced off by hedgerows and knitted together by the branches of the towering trees. Birds sing, squawk and hauntingly cry before hustling along with the breeze to the next branch of call. Little towns that dedicate themselves to tea. Warm, fresh scones, bursting and erupting from their baking trays, just waiting to be lathered in fresh butter, home-made jam and lashings of cream. Tea, refreshing