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Teething troubles

You get a whole nights sleep, you have a night out with the NCT gals, not every nappy is a poo, you begin to “settle” into a routine… And then teething!  It slobber-slaps you in the face and turns everything upside down! My super-salivating baby just wants to shove everything her mouth. She’s learnt to suck her thumb and I’m delighted, because she can’t throw it out her cot. But it’s completely thrown any semblance of a schedule out of sync! She’s not feeding properly and is waking up at night again. Her naps are all over the show. She’s clearly uncomfortable and that breaks my heart! And this is, apparently, just the beginning of the teething process!!! Send help / grandparents! We’ve got teething toys stashed throughout the house, including the freezer. So far the Matchstick Monkey Dinosaur has been a hit (just don’t try steaming the container, it will melt!)  What are your top teething tips? Lucky x Ps. That’s my milk drunk Bug