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Soothing Sundays

A late lie-in, selection of papers, eggs Benedict & spoonfuls of fabulous marmalade. To me all these things mean it’s Sunday. A day were running on time isn’t what’s important, but taking the time to languish over everything is. And that’s what I’ve done this morning. I may have woken up early (what’s new) but I lay in bed, dozed, read my book and when I was ready for the world – rather than the other way around – I flopped out of bed. Without rushing or thinking too hard I rummaged around for an outfit, brushed my teeth and made myself presentable to the world. Letting my feet do the thinking I bumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen: time for feeding. Having previously sneakily placed the remainder of the Hollandaise sauce in the back of the fridge, out of general sight, I had a plan for breakfast this morning. From Monday to Saturday I eat a healthy, regulated breakfast. But on Sundays I crack the egg, splash out on the buttered toast and have one too many cups

Fly me to...

Today I did something VERY cool, and something I can totally recommend... The call came in yesterday that a helicopter wanted to land on the Estate today and it was agreed that in return for a ‘parking space’ someone would be taken for a short trip. I didn’t expect it to be me – I may have hoped – but definitely didn’t expect it. The day had begun with a minor drama but a certain phone call definitely lifted the spirits (pardon the pun) leaving me with a smug grin that was difficult to hide – not that I wanted to – and a nervous excitement in my tummy that told me to hold off from lunch (just in case). I was going to fly in a helicopter. Me and the helicopter Due to land at 13:00, from 12:30 I’d been clock-watching and by the time the rotors were thwarting through the sky at five-to I was standing ready and very excited. After circling a few times (and while this was going on I have to admit a small worry that it would land in another field) it headed somewhat ominously – as they