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Isle of Wight 2011 Madness

Lucky, The Tourist & PLW The madness began in earnest a few months ago with the purchase of leopard-print wellies. And where one foot leads, the other shall follow: we leopard-printed everything. Well, almost. What wasn’t leopard-print was black so that we could better accessorize with leopard-print. It was going to be fabulous! By the end of the weekend even the car had succumbed to the leopard-print craze – although I’ve heard that a little water can change that? When your wellies come in a bag like this, you are right to have great expectations! From Thursday I started to get truly excited – mainly because I was super keen to wear ridiculous amounts of leopard-print – but also because I had no idea of what to expect. A lot of clock-watching happened that day. Followed by a trip down to Southampton and some more leopard-print ogling in ASDA.   On Friday morning we woke up early. Each of us knew that this would be the last shower we would have until Monday. The last warm water

Discovering Dorset

After a lie-in and two delicious cups of tea in bed (our own beds) we wondered down to The Quay and enjoyed a full English breakfast. With neither of us knowing where to catch the ferry from – to begin our adventurous hike: walking from the ferry to Swanage, we ventured forth to the information centre . Now I’d like to say that they were knowledgeable and helpful, but anyone who sends an innocent walking from Poole to Sandbanks, along the sea-front, with very vague directions in a positively howling gale – instead of encouraging them to take the bus – should be made to sit in the naughty corner. Despite the practical clothing, wind, like sand, tends to get everywhere.   And when you’re crouching down to get that photo it’s not just the mangy-dog with an inquisitive nose that you need to worry about, but balancing on two feet at that angle can make tight-rope walking look easy. The wind was so strong that the several miles of diversion we took through the town, with various tar and co