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Why I get my paper delivered

That's why! Lucky


Just took this picture from my bedroom window. The shiny patch on top of the roof is usually a puddle. This morning it's ice. And if you look really close you'll see that the puddles on the road are frozen too. By the looks of things it's pretty cold outside! At least the snow didn't last long yesterday - about 5 min. After evaluating the above I've decided to stay in bed a bit longer. Lucky

Secret Santa

Today the Christmas tree in the office started to collect presents around the base. At lunch most of the office popped out to the shop to gather their gifts - with much of the afternoon spent wrapping. I've located mine under the tree - I didn't touch it, but gave it a good glare. I still have no idea what it is though, or who my secret Santa is - I just hope it's someone who likes me! All will be revealed tommorow... Lucky

Extreme cinema viewing

So this evening was spent watching not one, but two films! New Years Eve and My Week With Marilyn . The first, well perhaps with a better script and some of that thing that you just can't quite put your finger on - possibly the soundtrack,sense of humour or better editing - maybe all of those, it would have lived up to Valentines Day and edged towards Love Actually. That is not to say that I didn't shed a tear (although to be fair that isn't too hard)and find myself having a little laugh... I'll say no more. When it came to My Week With Marilyn, even though it was getting very late, especially for a school night, it was well acted and I walked away wondering... If you're choosing between the two - pick this one. Lucky

Nature making a point

So you know that super-glue I was telling you about? The one that the trees were using to keep their leaves and fool us all into thinking it was still autumn? Well tonight the wind is laughing at that super-glue, so much so that it's howling. And while it's at it, it's friend - the sky - is busy emptying buckets on us. And by the looks of this image, the buckets contain more than just water! Lucky

Sunday morning poetry

I'm lying in bed - coffee long drunk, Propped up by pillows - Sunday paper scattered about, Slowly waking with the world - as the church bells ring, Napping occasionally - or pondering a thing... This moment will pass - they always do - but while I think about it I'll share it with you! Lucky

That very British of topics...

The Weather! It's one of The go-to subjects that can break an uncomfortable silence, start a conversation or even banish the elephant from the room (well, for a little while). So far this winter we've been pretty lucky - this time last year we were besieged by snow, something extra for the train-tracks to worry about - we all know how scared they get when a leaf looks at them in the wrong way. But this year the seasons seem to have slipped from summer to winter so quickly that there are still leaves on some of the trees - although after today I'm questioning whether someone spent a lot of time super-gluing them all on?!? Winter attempted another decoy today, with it's shining sun and autumnal colours painting the countryside. But I wasn't fooled. I'd checked my weather apps and knew it was going to be cold. Thermal underwear, limited-mobility-because-of-too-many-clothes, loss-of-feeling-in-fingers-despite-ski-gloves, silly hat and frozen puddles type cold. A


What more can I say - parents keep your kids close this Christmas, there is a Polar Bear on the loose! (un)Lucky

Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy new year...

Learnt how to write a card again this evening. A Christmas card to be exact. Am now waiting for Postman Pat to come along and collect them, put stamps on them and send them off... Not holding my breathe for that one! Lucky

Secret Santa

Today was the much anticipated Secret Santa Day. Everyone got abnormally excited about who they might pick, hoping for the jackpot. The jackpot could be your office-friend. Or perhaps someone with an easy-to-buy-for hobby. Or maybe even someone who's done something really embarrassing that you can turn into a well thought of gift. But what if you got the dud? And how could you possibly sit there and revel in either your joy / disappointment not saying anything to anyone? Well we certainly couldn't - Skype was never so furiously tapped away at as everyone did some token guessing before the names were slowly revealed. I limited my Skype conversations, but not completely, some things are too good to keep to yourself! Lucky

Christmas shopping

The Christmas morning miracle: The reality to get there: Wouldn't it be nice if Father Christmas did all our Christmas shopping for us? If that was the case I'd happily spend ages making mince-pies and singing carols. Unfortunately he doesn't specialise in gifting - something to do with budget cuts? So unless you were very clever and did all your Christmas shopping in January at the fabulous sales, then I'm afraid to say that you too will have to learn to swim down your high-street. Breast-stroke is probably the most appropriate, although I have a feeling that if you were to butterfly along, although you wouldn't make many friends, you might get there faster. Lucky

The Snowman

Yesterday we had our Christmas lunch at my house. We put up the tree, cooked up a storm, decorated, ate like demons and watched one of my all-time favourite's, The Snowman . As a child I always dreamed of making a snowman - not so easy in Africa. Last year, with the heaps of snow we received, I made my first attempt at a snowman. There are no pictures of that 'snowman'. Because although it inspired the small-person and their father next door to sculpt a very realistic igloo, a misshapen pyramid with various implements sticking out of it does not count as a snowman! I'd like to say that the garden furniture hindered my rolling ability. Or perhaps the lack of usable snow. But neither of those statements would be correct - I just had no snowman-building skills on the day. This year, if it snows, I will do better. We will have a real snowman that will put any intricately carved igloo to shame - after all, I now know how it's done! Lucky

Winter Wonderland

This afternoon The Tourist and I, along with the whole of London, descended on Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park . We joined the thronging masses heaving along past the rides and deliciously tempting food stores. Stopping at the store where you get to shoot an air-rifle at a star and if you get it in, win a teddy-bear. I had my eye on the large teddies hanging at the top, but some naughty kids had been fiddling with the nobs and the rifle's weren't shooting straight - instead I had to settle for a dark chocolate, conveniently handbag sized, Christmas Reindeer. Far more sensible, especially when The Tourist was going to be carrying Christmas Reindeer and both her and my empty stein glass for the rest of the evening. I like to think of it as practical shooting really! Lucky

The joy that is a Friday

I had a brief moment yesterday when I thought that it might actually be Friday. This moment soon passed, along with the rest of the day, bringing me to this moment. Today, Friday afternoon. I didn't quite fall out of bed this morning with excitement about it being Friday, that happened last week. This week I took a more relaxed approach - something to do with wanting to lie-in. Today's challenge is to drink a glass (pint) of water every hour. By the time it's 17:00 we should all be sufficiently over-hydrated that the only possible logical solution would be to have a glass of wine. This sensible strategy has been reinforced by the ordering of sushi etc from Me Love Sushi . Because of all this sensibility we might have to have a glass of wine / G&T earlier, but I'm sure we'll rise to the occasion. Until then we are all very busy and important! Ps. happy to report that Christmas-Penguin is still entertaining and bringing much joy! Lucky

Tis the season...

Oxford Street Christmas lights Where a glass of red wine just seems so appropriate. In fact, due to the cold weather, it might be rude not to finish a bottle between two - after all the minute you step out of the pub that same cold weather will have you refreshed in no time. Well that's what we hope for.  Last night brought the festive season in, for me, with much merriment, hilarity and unbundling out of a taxi at 1:30am! So it was a slightly more exhausted me that faced the world today, but there were a few things to look forward to at least. The first was the lighting of the computer screen. Tastefully decorated with blue star-shaped fairy lights, we waited until it was dark outside before plugging in the USB. However, it was by no means dark inside, really minimising that effect.  The second was the deliciousness that is a mince-pie. I've waited until December before allowing myself this delightful treat. They've been tantalisingly, alluring - placed strategically i