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King's X

Today started at 6 am. That's early for me. I usually only contemplate the snooze button at 6.45. Anyway, no point reminiscing, about waking up or the hours spent trying to decipher the East Coast Trains website last night - yesterday a giant icicle caused one of the overhead lines to fall down, so my trip up to Yorkshire today was a bit touch and go... I'm here now (at King's X) and have successfully - so far - lugged 1 x suit case (size: same as those used to travel overseas. weight: don't know, couldn't lift onto scales.) 1 x large bag (size: big. weight: lots.) 1 x Waitrose bag with Christmas Cake (size: normal. weight: not much, just awkward really.) As usual I panicked a bit about getting here on time - although given the current adverse weather conditions, I think I probably took the 'elf & safety option. What I didn't reckon on having to do was entertain myself for 2 hours... The central heating isn't really very apparent where I'm sittin