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Scottish Game Fair

Two days ago I went to the Scottish Game Fair not knowing what to expect. Something in the country, a couple of kilts, handful of haggis and the odd dram of whiskey (read Pimms). I'd been advised to dress country too - something I'm working on, because currently don't own any tweed... But I'd taken my boots and jacket - just in case of rain - and thoroughly enjoyed the sunny day! There were a few highlights to the day... one was the sheep racing. The 'host' of this event was indeed Australian and VERY funny. With live commentary and rather naughty competitors it was a sight to behold. There were 6 sheep taking part, all different breeds. This was explained to us while the sheep were still in the van. It was also explained that some of them were first time competitors and that all of them would need some inspiration (in the form of sheep nuts) to compete. Enter host / commentator. Gallantly shaking his bowl of sheep-nuts at the flock, who were eagerly nudging ea