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SA in London: Earlsfield

Yesterday Meebs and I spent the the afternoon in Earlsfield with Lise. Imagine a pretty little town (I've only been to a small part of it, so in my mind it's quite small) where everything you want is on the high street / main road (hope I've got that right?) and that's just down the road. Anyway we hung out at Mels (hope I have that right too?) enjoying the English weather - rain! Lise & Meebs Lucky We had a ladies-who-lunch afternoon, including a bottle of this: The house white Then after flapping up and down the high street we headed over to where Lise is staying to hang out for a while... Lise researching a cure Meebs & Lise in heavy debate over a proposed vaccine for swine flu - the latest terror to strike the tube After discussing important things Meebs headed home to cook a killer mac & I headed down to 321 Earlsfield Rd to pay a visit to inhabitants there-of. Nina & Nikki - more serious discussions Norky & Ben - not gay For those who

Lucky & Ameba play Hyde and seek

After spending around 2 hours getting bank accounts we decided to get a little fresh air and fun. First though we went to Primark - WOW! Don't know if I'd want to go there on the weekend - and that's saying something! Anyway, we walked down Park Lane, oogling the Aston Martins and other beautiful vehicles conveniently parked throughout the area so that we could enjoy them! Meebs enjoying an apple juice and preparing herself for our game of Hyde & seek. View of the park from where we had a drink. One of the lovely old buildings in Kensington. Walking through the gates one of the first things we saw was this field filled with flowers (not sure what they are - Mom, any clues?) The route we took (well part of it) Can you spot what doesn't belong? Just a little bit of picturesque. Although not very visible, that squirel was also playing the game - with its nut! In the back ground some tulips. Lush and green - luckily when were were in the park the rain was al

Hampstead & its heath

On Sunday, after having dropped Meebs off in Ealing , Jo and I headed out towards Hampstead Heath. We caught a bus, picked up a box of choc-chip cookies and took a stroll in the park. Huffing and puffing we strolled up the hill, and this was the view that was the reward... Scrolling from left to right I tried to get a panoramic view of London - see if you can spot the famous buildings! Seriously though, if you haven't been here, the view from Parliament Hill is phenomenal , and well worth an afternoon out! From the left... A bit of an overview Can you spot The Gherkin & St. Pauls Cathedral? Below lies Camden town, and to the right the BT Tower I was so awestruck by the view that I didn't even notice what was to the left of me... this! Sunny, fresh, green and full of trees. You have no idea that you're in a bustling city when your here! Sunlight filtering through through the trees. We took this path not knowing where it would lead us... After walking through

Tube station shenanigans

Saturday evening saw us heading down to Earlsfield for a little revelry of the tube variety. We'd just enjoyed a kebab and Turkish beer, so were all set to dress ourselves up as the tube station of our choice... Jo & Joe en route... Ameba as hat-on-cross tube station Could the next stop be Cockfosters ? Man or Elephant & Castle! Gabi & Kari Lucky & the circle line Patrick & Doug Kari & Ameba Jac & a police man? Sash & an awesome afro One of the house-mates, Norky was particularly enjoying himself! He was also enjoying building the fire, and was, in fact, so dedicated he even offered to cut the fence down to keep the fired stoked! He had a GREAT TIME! Norky - part 1 Norky - part 2... he had a BAD hangover the next day :) Hatton Cross, Cockfosters , Manor House, Kew Gardens, Burnt Oak John (aka Burnt Oak) & Nikki Nina & Robbie (he won a prize for being a super heroic District line) We were having a great time, b