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Mad naps

After vomming/ salivating on three outfits by 06:50 this morning, I tried to cajole Bug into her early morning nap. This is the nap between her first waking up and 8am feed. And she really needs it!  As we were watching the Olympics in our bedroom, I suggested she nap on our bed, snuggled next to me. While I watch the kayak/ canoes.  But no, she had other plans. Apparently they were for me to get up. And for her to fall asleep on my shoulder in a really awkward fashion. I had to perfect the counterbalance cuddle. All while putting the laundry on, making breakfast (not quite eating it), sterilising bottles and pump accoutrements, making the coffee and re-packing her changing bag.  But she slept, and I guess I’ll take that! Lucky x

Oh how times have changed!

This morning, while having a blood test, I was chatting to possibly the best phlebotomist about babies. I mentioned that I was considering getting an Elvie pump — the one that goes in your bra and you can be hands free and, wonderfully, not tethered to one space!  My next line was “it will mean that I can hang the laundry and pump at the same time!”  This may sound ridiculous, having this as a priority. But when you have so little time to yourself it becomes necessary to prioritise. And this can be hard - how do you chose between hanging the laundry or expressing milk?!? It’s currently my big dilemma! Then I met my sister at Garsons for lunch, thinking the cafe would be airconed - it isn’t, beware! We both had our babies plastered to us, while we produced a gleaming layer of sweat. I could go on, but I think you get the picture!  So, this afternoon, instead of being able to wallow in the sun and work on my tan, probably with a delicious glass of rosĂ©, Bug and I are whiling the aftern

Bug has moved to her big baby bed

It’s happened, it’s been a week, she’s now sleeping in her big baby bed, in her room. And it’s been an excellent decision! We’re all benefiting from better sleep. We don’t wake her up, she doesn’t wake us up (as much). And sleep is becoming that friend we see a lot more of! It’s coupled with a feeding routine, which I’m pretty strict about. Mean Mum only feeds every 3 hours. Gone are the boobies-on-tap!  And Bug is learning that when it’s nap or bed time, it’s sleepy-time. Which can be preceded by a bit of crying. But she’s getting more sleep and is, generally, a happier baby!  So, for us, this has been a positive move. Although I have to be honest, when we made the decision that this was going to happen I did cry a bit! My tiny baby was no longer tiny… time to consider the next?!? Lucky x

One good thing about social distancing…

Is that nobody comes too close and I can get away with only half brushing my teeth (no toothpaste, had Bug in my arms and wouldn’t have been able to rinse). And not wearing deodorant (again, the baby!) Also, still wearing some of my pyjamas, semi-disguised  as day clothes… But nobody can really tell cause they can’t get too close! Win! On top of that we had a very successful walk. The dog mostly listened and was easily distracted by treats. Bug slept the whole time and was seemingly nose-blind. And my back pocket doubled up as my coffee cup holder! Hands-free, here we come!  Oh, and because we were out walking for so long - two hours, until it was time for the next feed - the dog is exhausted! He hasn’t been this tired since his play date with best friend Amber! Lucky x