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Leafin Around

Well, autumn's blown in and with it we've set the clocks back by an hour, the sun has become a token light in the sky and the countryside is scattered with the falling red autumn snow. The Cherry Tree in the garden This little chap makes numerous daily visits, stocking up her winter supply, then stashing them safely around the garden. And this is how she gets them! These leave keep on turning... A little autumn garden preview Lucky

Steamy on & off the track

As an F1 fan I was glued to the screen this afternoon, and what a race it turned out to be! But I won't get into that now. I thought I'd highlight another aspect of F1 for those who maybe weren't into it before... THE DRIVERS: Today Jenson Button won the 2009 F1 Drivers Championship. Awesome. That smile - also awesome. Mark Webber - one of the taller drivers & won this afternoon's Brazilian Grand Prix. He's Australian, but you won't find him there - he lost his license, something about speeding? Sebastian Vettel He's 22 and finished 2nd in the 2009 Championship race. There are more drivers (20 this season, but with the credit crunch biting and the imminent loss of a few teams there'll be a few less next year). And then there's the car. It's fast, really fast. Complicated, aerodynamic and with loads of G-Force. Button in his Brawn Unfortunately there's only one race left this season (in two weeks time in Abu Dhabi). Check out the website f

Catchy tune, cheeky lyrics...

1. Do you like horses? 2. Have a sense of humour? 3. And aren't little? If the answer to those questions are as follows: 1. Yes / no / maybe 2. Yes 3. No, I'm really tall Then click here for a little laugh and catchy little tune! (Make sure you've got the sound turned up & Thanks Carmel :) Lucky

Looking for a new series to watch?

Well I can't offer you that. But if you've got a free 50 min and want to watch something rad, then check this out! Kate & James at the opening of his salon It's a look at hair-stylist-to-the-stars James Brown's Supermodel Salon . Basically his best mate is Kate Moss and this little look-behind-the-scenes takes you through his thought process and the drama involved in creating his salon. Don't worry about having to catch it when it comes on TV again, if you go to you can watch it there! Unfortunately this is a once off, if they made more I'd follow it as ardently as I do Gossip Girl! Enjoy, Lucky

birthdays, riding & knitting

What do all these things have in common? Me! First it was my birthday Champagne, cake & candles As an ode to birthdays, where one day is never enough, I spent the weekend in London. This has to be the shortest period I've ever tried to stretch a birthday over (in the past trying for a whole month, and quite understandably failing. Subsequently trying for a fortnight... a weekend has more success) but was so exhausted afterwards, I think I'm picking up some tips from the over 85's club! To end the weekend off I went riding. To be more precise, I entered a dressage competition! (the dream) OR... not quite: (reality) Then I turned my hand to jumping... and was looking through the pictures, trying to find one where the jumps looked really big. Unfortunately just-off-the-ground never really looks that tall. Instead I opted for a far away shot - hoping to disguise: my riding style / height of jumps / home-made t-shirt that reads: 'team: at least you participated