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Menorca 2009

August 16th saw Meebs and I flying out to Menorca for a fabulous holiday of sun, sea, wine and a little boating. I always like to know a bit about where I'm going, so before leaving I Google Earthed Menorca and found out that it was part of the Balearic Islands and... Spain. Then a few days before take-off, while on the phone to Meebs I realised that I couldn't speak a word of Spanish! No worries though, I learnt when I got there! I'm now fluent... "ola" hello, "gracias" thank you, "denada" it's nothing / pleasure and "dos grande cervetha pour favour" two large beers please. (Of course I was too busy sipping on wine, cruising on the boat and swimming in the sea to learn the spelling!) We were based in Alcaufar, a picturesque little village Alcaufar bay After a delayed flight and a shared Vitamin Water we were in the air, waving goodbye to Britain. The flight takes about 2 hours from Gatwick and once we realised we were flying ov