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Our recent distractions

I'm going to work from the most recent backwards. On Saturday night we were very kindly invited to Jono & Jess' 40th black tie do. To prepare we headed of to the shops in Hull. Limited by time we soon found ourselves heading to House of Fraser - a shoppers delight, especially when there's a sale on. Long and short of it, we got ourselves kitted out (Meebs in a gorgeous yellow and white boob-tube, long flowing dress with glittering heels and myself in a black boob-tube structured cocktail dress with spectacularly sexy red heels.) Just to prove how good we were at shopping we got a couple of other things to, but I won't bore you with that.

The party was fantastic with the Virgin Slayers rocking us into the night. We were all giggles and delight... the next morning we all had extra naps cause we were 'very tired'.

All dressed up with nowhere to go - practicing walking in heels aint always that easy girls!

Last Thursday evening, after a lovely dinner, Meebs, Katie & I headed out to the local pub, the Swan & Cygnet (an apt name for the village of Swanland!) It started out as a quiet night, but don't worry that changed! Pubs tend to close around 23:00, but if you have a bottle of wine in front of you and get chatting to the owner...

One of the great things about Swanland is the ability to walk 5 minutes and be at either a relatives house or, as we found out, the pub. And this works in reverse too, although when leaving the pub, it's often better to take a little longer so you can sing at the top of your voice - serenading the neighbours on your way home.

Once home it's important to find out how the pooch is...

Good you're home, can I lick you, will you feed me, throw my ball for me - not demanding, just cute :)

... then to fall about playing and feeding her. At the same time it's important to feed oneself, or be fed:

Look mom, no hands!

I'll just say that Friday was a bit slow, although I went to Beverly with Melissa and the girls (Pizza Express and a bit of a walk around) Meebs chose to stay at home?

On one of the days - can't remember when, it hailed. I was so excited - always on the look out for potential snow!

Nick's front lawn - the white specs are the hail!

On the Wednesday we headed out to Alton Towers, the UK's biggest theme park. For those who love speed and a good adrenaline rush, this is the place to be. If you're scared of heights and a general worrier (me) it's not so ideal. But I was determined to try the rides, and started with Air. A ride where you are strapped in and then the seat turns to face the ground - your face faces thee ground and everything is rushing below you. Sound scary? It is! If you close your eyes though and hold on very tight it's over fairly quickly... Needless to say, the others loved it!

The next ride was Nemesis. Another roller coaster, but you sit up and go ALOT faster. After that we tried some more - basically if there was height involved I wasn't thrilled about them, but totally loved the water ones.

The dare-devils of the group headed to Oblivion. This ride is hectic. You sit in one of two rows, are taken fairly high up, turned to face the ground, then are dropped at a 90 degree angle towards and into the ground, twisting around and coming out on the other side...

It was actually a fantastic day - and if you're going to go, then I recommend you get there early - it's worth it!

Humphrey - my latest pillow warmer & friend for Bear - token for the day. Tried to win a gigantic shark - threw a ball, tried to climb a rope ladder, but nothing. I like Humphrey more anyway!

Melissa, Emelia & Kate in direct view - all the girls went on this ride - the most hectic swings. They go really high and dip up and down. While the others chose to stay for a second ride, I opted to be photographer!

I went to Wimbledon, and I didn't queue! Now kids, it's not what you know, but who you know and or who you're related to! Thanks to the Wests, Nikki and I headed to Wimbledon on the men's semi-finals day. It was AWESOME!!!!!

We first watched the Williams brothers smash their opponents (no surprises there!)
Venus & Serena dominating.

Then - highlight of the day, watch the last set of the Federer vs. Haas game on Centre Court! Federer is such a wonderful player to watch live, and smashing his final shot as he did just put the cherry on top.

Pimms with the Wests came next, followed by a meander back to court 1 where the mixed doubles were taking place. When M.D got a bit boring we headed outside to Murry Mound to watch Murry and Roderick smash it out on the big screen (conveniently located just outside Court 1!)

The last match we watched was a men's invitational, starring Henri Laconte. If ever the opportunity arises to watch him play, take it. He is an absolute showman and will have you in hysterics :)

Meebs and I are now in London for a week, I start my next job on Sunday, Meebs could be any time this week. We will be having a chilled day today, then heading out to see some sights, meet some peeps and have a little fun - I'll keep in touch. XOXO



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