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Off the top of my head

... today is my last day at this job, and I have to say that I will miss the lady I've been jointly looking after. At 99 she still comes up with some pearler comments - if I'm not careful I'll be "out on the doorstep".

There also seems to be some kind of excitement though - re-entering the world (I tend to become hermit-like for some reason) planning what I'm going to be doing when I leave and who I'm going to meet up with. It's all quite thrilling.

This afternoon I was reading my Elle magazine (partly bought because of the free top inside - there are some awesome 'free gifts' in mags in this country) sitting under a tree, trying to forget that I was mid-dehydration and partially shrivelled. But I got my phone out - best used during day-light hours, or under direct light cause the back light behind the screen has finally switched itself off forever - and contacted the outside world. The pollen fronds falling en mass and the dust clouds rolling over from the passing ponies (BTW - not such a fan of passing ponies all the time. They always seem to poo outside the kitchen window here. The ONE window for the +_3 square metres of kitchen that needs the door closed when you're cooking so the smoke alarm doesn't go off and wake people at crucial nap times) couldn't put me off, I felt a little thrill at knowing that I'd be back in the awesome craziness of the real world the next day.

I'm totally looking forward to it. I'm actually looking forward to it more, probably, than if I hadn't been working and unable to go out for a while. Which is so cool. It's easy to get used to going out all the time, but as I'm finding out, sacrifices can be worth it.

Anyway, enough holier-than-thou. Bring on 14:00 tomorrow. I'm off to Camden Town with Tracy to enjoy the vibe (some music thing)... Wimbledon on Friday. Not sure what time I should be there to make sure I get a ground pass, but have a feeling that it'll be kinda early...

I'll keep you updated,



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