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Prepping for a party

This evening I'm curling my lashes, parlaying with my locks, slipping on the heels and shimmying into The Dress...

I hope to arrive on time, the picture of serenity, with everything in place. This may be a bit of a pipe dream because it's not only rainy today, but also windy and unless I were to travel in a protective bubble it is almost inevitable that the loose branch that has been meaning to fall all day will do so the moment I'm under it! But right now that's way in the future.

The preparation, excluding extra trips to the gym and restrained salad lunches, began in earnest on Sunday night. After a great gardening stint came the relaxing bath (where I only contemplated scrubbing at the end) complete with face mask, latest edition of Glamour and M&S chocolate cherry liquors - just to set the tone!

I had no wish to blend in with the white of the hall and so, rather nervously, applied my first self-tan. PLW assured me that the brand was good and I made sure that all the instructions - of which there seemed to be worryingly few - had been properly ingested. I would have a healthy glow, not a radioactive orange appearance.

I sprayed, then stood. And stood - not touching anything - for as long as I could, to avoid streaks and patches. PLW had been warned, and if for any reason I needed to nip into my bedroom all I had to shout out was "naked landing crossing". But I used this time wisely, manicuring and pedicuring away, plucking eyebrows and catching up on phone calls.

Monday morning brought with it the unveiling of my new healthy appearance... And apart from a questionable white patch on my right elbow and a discreet line on the same wrist, I'd done a fairly good job. Anyway, they would be taken care of when I applied the second coat that evening.

So last night round two took place, and this time I was more confident, not always a good thing. I gave the right arm an extra good spraying but probably didn't stick to the 40 cm distance - preferring rather to get in close - for the rest of my body. My 'fine mist' was turning into droplets, so I applied the hair-dryer. I don't know if this is standard technique, but it seemed to have the desired effect.

This morning, while standing with a very green face mask on I unveiled The Tan - part 2. While not as even and smooth as The Tan - The Original, but with 'hints of muscle definition' I could almost have spent the past week on the Garnier Islands!

Luckily stockings and hopefully good lighting will triumph cause it's almost time for me to start wondering about that errant stick!



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