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Brough – Doncaster, Doncaster – London Kings Cross

This morning (fathers day morning) sees me travelling back to London to do my next caring stint. After not much sleep last night – for no particular reason – and a fairly early start of 7:30 (I like to have loads of time to faff!) I would have thought that nodding off on the train would have been relatively easy. No. Although I booked a seat with a table, and near to the luggage rack (so I can comfort my sense of bag theft paranoia) the train is really full – not so surprising for a Sunday.

On my left, across the isle is a girl constantly on either her iphone or ipod? And next to her is a young guy chugging back the beers. Opposite them is a little boy, complete with froggy bag and doting dad. Sharing my table are a quiet family, happily reading the papers, books and doing homework. So far the trip has been fairly uneventful! Oh, the view is still pretty, and the weather ok, for those wanting to know!

I still (not really surprisingly) seem to have the same problem with the tunnels though. Every time we go through a long one my ears seem to pop! I’ve found that by half yawning and keeping my mouth open I can stave off the ear pop for a while. However there are two problems here. The first being that I look as though I’m going "tunnel fishing". The second that I can’t really breathe in this position. If anyone has any solutions, please suggest ASAP! At the moment.

Other than that I don’t have too much to comment on – life on the train is rather wobbly and cramped at the moment!



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