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The Three Kings - Clerkenwell.

In the UK there are socially accepted drinking ways. I'm not talking about how Champagne is acceptable at any time of the day, along with bloody mary's or how at 11:30 it's ok to have a G&T or how from 12:00 (lunch time) it's ok to have a beer / bottle or wine (with lunch - preparations or actual eating). No, I'm talking about heading out to the pub on a Friday.

In general everyone meets their work colleagues at the pub, which is usually around the corner from the office (walking for too long would obviously cut into drinking time!) But it is also ok to meet your mates, so we met some of ours: Jo & Joe, at a pub close to where Jo works in Clerkenwell (pronounced Clark-en-well).

It's a beautiful area, nearest to Farringdon Tube Station, but also within walking distance to Angel tube (Islington area).

Meebs & Jo - yay, we're at the pub!
Joe gives us a grin!

Jo & Joe: keep smiling at the camera, she'll get bored of taking pics soon, then we can replenish our pints!

The Three Kings is on the right hand side, this is the view down the road!

Entrance to The Three Kings

While hanging out on the sidewalk we found a populated birds nest...

There were babies in the nest, and the parents kept coming and going, couriering food.

A view of the church opposite the road from the pub. The hedgerow on the fence was where we found the nest.

These men came sauntering down the road, playing away as they went!

A view of the leafy trees and church

More leafy trees...

We walked from Clerkenwell to Angel, en route we saw some awesome buildings...

This used to be a school building, but was converted into offices (where Joe used to work)!

The entrance for Girls & Infants

The gardens

En route to Angel, the view back at Clerkenwell.

The sepia version

This is a seriously old part of London. Under the (not so deep) tar are the original pavers that the road was built from!

A little sign humour :)

In Angel we got some Mexican food for dinner - Burritos that were awesome! Messy and delicious...

Meebs tucks in...

For a first Friday in London we had a fab time!


  1. Well, I quite agree, it was a lovely evening!!! The patchwork roads are amazing and completely take my breath away.....yes, it may have partly been from the pints - which go straight to head a lot more quickly than I'm accustomed to...nevertheless, there is something just amazing about walking along these rads and knowing that so many generations of people have walked on them before you :)

    Just to add to Lucky's story, the food was fantastic but anyone that knows us will know that we are not corriander lovers....unfortunately, we seem to be a very small part of the population that share this taste in food and found ourselves picking out the green leaves, or taking a mouthful and suddenly cringing...but wonderful food still. I definately recommend it...well, I would if I could remember the name of the place...or how to get there...mmmmm.......

    It was an awesome evening and after a couple of Zambuca's back at Jo & Joe's we happily fell asleep looking forward to the market the next morning :)



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