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Wimbledonia - area of Wimbledon, home of the Wombles & includes tennis courts.

With Wimbledon kicking off yesterday Wimbledonia is all a buzz at the moment. The bookies are placing bets on the weather, the restaurants are hoping the celebrities visiting the tennis will stop in for a bite and I'm still in bed (touch wood this continues!)

However, as with everything, there is always a down side... I don't have a bathroom. Now before you all fall off the back of your chairs - I'm not using a bucket (yet)! The bathroom I can use is two flights downstairs, and from Thursday, past an alarm! While I do own black tights, having to spray deodorant to pick up the beam every time I want to go to the bog is not ideal.

Of course I could always just disable the alarm, but who wants to do anything as practical as that!

Anyway, back to the tennis. For those wishing to visit the official website, to check out who's doing what, visit A quick update: yesterday the big RF slammed Yen-Hsun Lu (who knows who he is?), and so far is on track to meet up with Britain's big hope Andy Murry, who is playing today against Robert Kendrick from the US & A, in a final that's bound to be watched by loads of people!

On a totally different subject: I saw my first real live fox last night! It came out of one garden, crossed the road, and went into another garden!!! At first I thought it was a dog/cat, but then I remembered I was in London and that it would indeed be a fox. This morning any last fears were put to rest when I heard the horses clip-clopping down the road. They were only walking and I fear with a pace that slow, even though the fox is only running from garden to garden, the hunt could take a while!

I'm thinking about getting up now, so adieus amigos,



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