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The West Borough

There are two rather large hills above the village of Corfe Castle. The one above West Street is aptly named the West Borough (you'll never guess what the one above East Street is called!)

Anyway I went up the West Borough first, so these are the pics from climbing up there. Although fairly high, it's a short walk to the top BUT it's straight up (although I'm told that there is a more meandering path for those who prefer a more gradual walk and one where you're not navigating around the thorn bushes.) Also if you're not very noisy you might even get a glimpse of the mountain bunnies!

The bridge you cross to get to the West Borough, and the river you'll cross - the Corfe River

The view of Corfe Castle ruins from half-way up the West Borough

A view of the castle from a bit further up

The weather was rolling in, but with the wind keeping it fresh the open space and the height, along with the view, all added to a wonderful experience.

Looking across towards Poole Harbour

Looking down onto the East Borough

Corfe Castle ruins from above

The village of Corfe

Nearby rolling hills

More of the rolling hills

There's nothing but a bit of fencing at the top, or maybe a stray sheep...

On the way down I first came across what I thought was one lone cow. A bit worried that it might be a bull I attempted to navigate around it as much as possible. However, when the one turned out to be three (with a passion for hanging out in bushes) I was less worried and continued to take tiny steps down the mountain hill. BUT when I got to the bottom there were some calves amongst the cows and some of the cows were ENORMOUS - I had to do a subtle udder check while being oggled by some interested beasts!



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