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On the train again...

Meebs and i are currently on the train, en route to Brough (pronounced Bruff). We had hoped that we would be able to access the world wide web, but it's not to be so. Instead I'm writing this on a 'scrap of paper' inside my laptop (yet to be named) cause I haven't loaded Microsoft office on yet!

We were early to arrive at Kings Cross (our station of departure) on my insistence and Meebs kindness, to the tide of anxiousness (note the fancy language, inspired by my trip to the country and a love for Pride & Prejudice). Now we're just over halfway through our trip, with no idea where we really are but, yes, the countryside is beautiful - I would take a picture but my camera is dead - use your imagination!

As we are now both owners of laptops, we are sitting (at a pre-booked table seat - yes please!) entertaining ourselves. Well I am, Meebs battery just died! What I am thinking is that I should have downloaded a couple of series to keep us entertained. By the way that I'm carrying on you would think that this trip is taking hours. It is, but only 2 hours and 9 minutes (the quickest train available from Kings Cross!)

We will be up in Yorkshire for a while. I'm coming back down to London for my next job (a short one) on the 21st June (until 2 July) and the will be going back up to Yorkshire. THEN... in our search for a home base we'll be taking Norky and Nina's room from them while they are off travelling. SO, although only for a short while, we'll be housemates at 321! Both Meebs and I are looking forward to this - YAY!!!

For those of you hoping for more info and pics from Dorset, don't worry they are on their way... And Meebs has hinted that she might be adding her two cents worth - I'm holding my breath :)



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