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In a quest to full-fill all of The Bride's touristic ticks before she leaves London, this evening we headed over to the bar in the OXO Tower. Luckily Ameba was organised and had booked us a table, that and we were only seven minutes late. But we had to be slightly ditsy about something - PLW clacked along over the cobbles in her heels, Ameba fluttered about her navigational skills and I practiced my 'light-skip-while-holding-your-handbag-jog' crossing the roads. 

Soon enough we had the red and white sign in our sights, had handed over our coats and had relished that first refreshing, crisp and comforting sip of wine. 

First glimpse of the OXO Tower

Something that grabs me every time in London is the Thames, and the lights and life around it. This evening we stood on the balcony with this in the background. 

This is how awesome London is

Afterwards we tried to find a restaurant for dinner. It was tough - some wanted sushi, others steak. Ameba and Iron Man got so hungry that they ended up tucking into his gun-powder (with toothbrushes!)

Iron Man wasn't too sure if he should share the latest meal-replacement-super-muscle-enhancing-supplement 
- Ameba had already wrestled the toothbrush away from him...



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