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Fly me to...

Today I did something VERY cool, and something I can totally recommend...

The call came in yesterday that a helicopter wanted to land on the Estate today and it was agreed that in return for a ‘parking space’ someone would be taken for a short trip. I didn’t expect it to be me – I may have hoped – but definitely didn’t expect it.

The day had begun with a minor drama but a certain phone call definitely lifted the spirits (pardon the pun) leaving me with a smug grin that was difficult to hide – not that I wanted to – and a nervous excitement in my tummy that told me to hold off from lunch (just in case). I was going to fly in a helicopter.

Me and the helicopter

Due to land at 13:00, from 12:30 I’d been clock-watching and by the time the rotors were thwarting through the sky at five-to I was standing ready and very excited.

After circling a few times (and while this was going on I have to admit a small worry that it would land in another field) it headed somewhat ominously – as they do – towards the castle.

The tranquil water in the burn was troubled, the long grass laid over – the chopper was landing. The contents piled out and came inside for tea, cupcakes and enjoyable small talk.

After a while we headed out... I’m trying to make myself sound mature here, this wasn’t the case. I had an enormous bound in my step, and somehow between my bumbling tummy and over-excited feet, managed not to sprint over – just happily skipping instead. I called ‘shotgun’ and got it. If I was going to go against my nervous nature I was going to make the most of it.

I climbed in, trying to be a little lady-like – not exactly easy with all the joy-sticks / levers / pedals. Then in an inspired moment asked what I shouldn’t touch – that would be everything. Good. That’s covered, I’ll hold the navigation map (willing knowledge of matric geography to mind).

The pilot climbed in and added that I also shouldn’t pull the lever that would eject the door. Right. The pedals will be moving – don’t touch them, also, so will the joystick between our legs – could you ignore that please.

The engine was started, the blades began turning and headsets fitted. We were off.

Not being a fan of heights (to put it mildly) even the swings at Alton Towers were a complete disaster, I had second thoughts about sitting in the front – all I had to clutch on to was the map!

The wind wobbled us as we ascended, but the higher we got, the cooler it became – I was flying shotgun in a helicopter (sorry for the repetition, just a little excited J).


I could do this more often. No traffic, fabulous views and a stellar rating on the ‘I’m awesome’ factor! It was all over too soon, but was amazing while it lasted. Thanks guys,



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