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Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoons (well actually the whole day) are usually dedicated to relaxing. Getting the Sunday papers, enjoying a breakfast / brunch / lunch and not doing much else. Sometimes recovering from the night before, sometimes planning a cheeky afternoon drink or two, hopefully not doing laundry.

This Sunday afternoon - unlike last Sunday which was spent, for the large part, travelling - has been true to Sunday form: relaxing. Woke up for the first time this morning at around 5:00ish, looked out the window and the 'pond' on the common was covered with a mist blanket. I hadn't realised that it was +_5:00, but the time made sense when I saw the homeless looking man having a chin-wag with a man in a crisp-white-just-been-out-for-the-night shirt.

After admiring the view I snuggled down for a few more hours of sleep - try 4! 9:00 came around sooner than I had expected, but I managed to peel myself out from under the covers to get downstairs by 9:45ish. That's probably been the highlight of my day so far. I'm just chilling now on my break. Watching some derby or other, thinking about a nap or maybe a read of my book (and secretly wishing that my room had an attached bathroom - two flights of stairs tends to get you to re-evaluate whether you really need to go!)

With only an hour to go on my break I'd better get back to nothing...



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