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The Kings Head in Piccadilalilly

After Meebs first pint at The Puzzle we (London travellers) climbed on the tube and took a ride through to Green Park & Piccadilallilly (also known as Piccadilly to some!)

Pubbing in the UK is a serious sport, and there is only one word to describe the pubs - overflowing. People pour out from the pub, onto the streets. So ladies if you fancy a suited man, head to your nearest central London pub after work - almost any day is good enough, we went on a Thursday and it could have been a Friday in Cape Town for all we knew!

These suited men tell us that they are professionals. Professionals who either require Dutch courage to banter in the boardroom or, and I suspect this is more likely, they feel that client billing continues if you think about discussing the client at the pub - actual discussion not necessary!

But I'm being mean! We went to see Ben & Bush and we had loads of fun!

Lucky, Ben & Ameba
Ameba: we stood outside on the pavement to have a ciggie - or did we?

Ben & Alicia: whose crazy?

Meebs, Nats, Bush, Ben & Alicia

After a while Meebs & I got down to the business of suit spotting...

We were trying to use undercover tactics - such as fake focusing the camera on our drink (as can somewhat be seen in the foreground). This didn't always work so well!

Bush wasn't so sure about this, but he played along anyway.

We found a suit (actually a few of them) who were prepared to play our games... drinking games. Seeing as how we've just come from SA, we felt our constitutions would still posses their African strength! They did. The poms played. The poms lost - sorry boys, maybe you'll have more luck next time:)

When the suits fled home in their taxi's Meebs and I celebrated a well earned victory...

The end of a good night!
Thanks kids, lets do it again!

PS. yes we're using sepia...


  1. Just to say thanks to the boys :) It was awsome to meet up with you in foggy LT!

    Ben, glad that you had an evening off and let me now when you've got another eve free for a pint or three :)
    Bush, I hope that you were pleasantly surprised! Same goes for you, a proper catch up would be awsome!

    Sorry to the two/three suits that thought they could handle their liquor better than us...I bloody love Zambuca :)

    Anywho, Thanks again all for an awesome eve :)

    Meebs x


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